3rd Year Elementary Student Discovered New Energy

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3rd year student of Langsa Lama elementary school Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam, Naufal Raziq discovered a new energy from kedondong tree.

The process was so long. It begun when he read books about a fruit. It said that fruit containing acid can flow electricity. “at first I tested from a potato then I think again, if the fruit contain acid so does the tree. After that, I started my experiment.” He said.

Naufal had done an experiment with mango tree and he failed. Then he tried on other trees. And finally he found kedodondong which its acid can flow electricity.

He got the knowledge not just from school, but also from his father support who helped him in every experiment because naufal’s father works at electronics department so he can help to know the components and equipments about electronics.

Naufal’s discovery is still not perfect because it needs recovery acceleration. This improved the power recovery process from the kedondong tree. Naufal has tried to store power on the battery so it works like solar cells so far.
It produce a power of 0.5-1 Volt per electrode from being mounted on a series of kedondong tree. According to Naufal, the electric current generated depends on the acidity of the tree. Through several evaluations and improvements, the electric tree has illuminated dozens of homes in Tampur Paloh, Simpang Jernih District, Langsa, Aceh, for daylight lighting.

So far, many cooperation offers related to the development of electricity trees to Naufal, but Naufal’s father returned the matter to PT Pertamina EP, a subsidiary of PT Pertamina (Persero) because of this discovery also thanks to the assistance of Pertamina EP Asset I Field Rantau. PT Pertamina EP also assists the management of patents of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights for the discovery of Naufal and also provides Naufal scholarships to college.

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